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Foam-It Away Leather

Foam-It Away Leather
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There is nothing like the soft buttery feel of a leather sofa or car seat and nothing can beat the look of a leather purse (whether its genuine or not). Genuine leather will stay beautiful, soft and supple forever provided that you take the time to take care of it. Having good leather cleaner is a must to keep your leather goods clean, soft and protected.

Foam-It-Away from Stanley Home Products is the best leather cleaner that you can buy. It will leave a protective shine that will repel dust and dirt and it is ideal for all types of leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces.


How to clean leather furniture

A clean leather sofa is a beautiful addition to any home, but it is important that you take care of it if you want it to last. Simply spray it with the Foam-It-Away Leather Cleaner and then wipe it clean. Of course, always be sure to test a new product on a small piece of your furniture before applying it everywhere.


How to clean a leather purse

You can also keep your leather purse looking like you just bought by cleaning it regularly with Foam-It Away. Simply empty out the contents then make sure everything is unzipped and unlatched and then vigorously shake out any debris or dirt from its nooks and crannies. Clean the inside with a soft cloth and then clean the exterior using the foam.

Use it in your car, in your home and even on your fake leather goods

Foam-It-Away also works great as automotive leather cleaner as well as an all around great leather seat cleaner. Also, do not let the term leather cleaner fool you into thinking that this stuff is only used for cleaning things made out of animal hide. Foam-it-Away is also great for synthetic leather surfaces such vinyl and plastic. Just be sure to test it before applying.

Get yours today !

* Foaming action penetrates and lifts grime
* Easily cleans all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces
* Conditions/restores leather better than before
* No harmful VOC's
*Leaves a protective shield that repels dirt and dust
* Also great for car, boat and RV interiors
* Easy-to-use 12 oz. size
* Replaces A3380 Leather Cleaner

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