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Essentials All Purpose Creme

Essentials All Purpose Creme
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Naturals All Purpose Creme from the Stanley Home Products range can hydrate dry facial skin and protect it from the elements. It is a top skin moisturizer – and, as anyone who knows will tell you – wax of many kinds has been used for many purposes over the centuries by man. One of the most important uses for beeswax has been its use as a preservative in order to keep things fresh. As a society obsessed with youth, we’re bombarded with messages and ads about anti aging skin care products every day. However, the Naturals All Purpose Creme is special.

You can use it to remove makeup. It removes dirt, and its formula provides a shield to protect against the ill effects of the environment.

With its blend of beeswax and rich emollients, the All Purpose Creme hydrates dry skin while protecting the skin from the ravages of bad weather or everyday wear and tear. It acts as a seal over the skin, keeping in moisture while softening the surface. So it’s an anti aging skin care product in the best sense of the term, locking in the goodness of the skin while keeping it clean. Its formula of emollients not only cleanses, but it moisturizes too.

If you’re looking for a hydrate dry skin cream that can be used on the hands too, you don’t have to look any further than Naturals All Purpose Creme. You can use it anywhere on the body and it’s not just an anti aging skin care product. You can apply it to calluses and other weathered areas of skin, and it seals and protects these damaged or toughened areas of skin.

Its formula brings out a suppleness to the skin, providing the skin with the ability to retain more moisture. If you’re looking at anti aging skin care products check out Naturals All Purpose Creme today. Available in a 7 oz. container.

Essentials All Purpose Creme is our classic formula of precious beeswax blended with rich emollients to cleanse, moisturize, and protect dry skin. Formula softens, maintains suppleness and retains moisture. Use it on hands, face - all over.
Enjoy maximum benefits as it softens and seals in moisture on tough, callused patches.
7 oz.

Formerly called Naturals All Purpose Creme.


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