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Multi-Purpose Tube Brush

Multi-Purpose Tube Brush
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A Tube Brush gets you into those tight spots

Forget the finger in the dish rag trick. If you want to get the spout on your juicer clean or make sure all the Gatorade in your sports bottle straw is reamed out, you are going to need to get yourself a really good device that will get you into those tight spots.

The Fuller Brush multi-purpose tube brush makes cleaning even the smallest opening that you once would have given up on now an easy chore. Things that were once considered impossible to clean, like those built in straws on your sports bottle or the spout on your teapot, can now get scrubbed thoroughly. You no longer have to depend on mere running water to wash away the built up grime and slime on the inside of these objects allowing you to use and reuse them.

The foot long tube brush is extremely flexible, allowing it to go around corners and curves so that nothing is missed. It will scrub away all the icky built up coffee residue in your percolator giving you better tasting coffee, allow you to get the tubes on your aquarium free of algae allowing for healthier fish, and give you a chance to tackle those slim necked bud vases that you have always been meaning to clean but could never figure out how to best go about it.

Kitchen, shop, or office, the Fuller Brush multi-purpose tube brush is a must have device that will allow you to get into those tight hard to clean spots.

Clean small openings you thought were impossible to reach!

This foot long brush is great for cleaning percolators, sports cups with built-in straws, aquariums, bud vases with slim necks, teapot spouts, funnels and more. Flexible brush goes around corners and curves easily and cleans thoroughly.
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